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CNC Router Electronics Kit 4.3 - 3 Axis

1 x 5 Axis Breakout board, 3 x NEMA 23 stepper motors 30Kg holding torque, 3 x TB6600 Stepper Motor Drivers

This kit is our newest version and still one of the most complete kits on the market and contains a comprehensive set of electronic components and wiring hardware required to build a small to medium 3 axis CNC machine.

The kit will suit those who are new to CNC and are looking for an entry level component package that is not only easy to use and understand, but also very budget conscious.

The kit will stop you from going through the "trial and error" phase of finding out which parts work with what, or which don't. Everything here is matched to the manufactures specs and I know they all work together as I have used them my self. The kit also includes many items not in other auctions, but at the same price.

This kit is designed for the construction of a small to medium sized machine and will suit those wanting to build CNC routers up to 600mm x900mm (recommended max).

For comparison against other motors on eBay or elsewhere, the stepper motors have a holding torque of 417oz per square inch, 30Kg per square cm, or 3 Newton meters. But I'm confident I offering one of the best buys around.

All items are available for pick up and I'm not a "drop shipper", so everything you see is ready to go. As I'm a local shipper via Aust Post, postage should be fairly quick (within days).

Some of the changes included in this kit, we've moved away from the all-in-one style TB6560 blue boards and are now using a separate 5 axis breakout board and all new TB6600 Stepper motor drivers. These new drivers are rated up to 5amp and can handle up to 48v making them more powerful than their predecessors. Going to the 5 axis breakout board will also provide you with some future proofing as you will only need to add additional drives and motors to increase the number of axis's you may want.



Package Contents

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5 Axis breakout board

This board is a is a 5 axis breakout board. It is designed to control up to 5 Stepper motors. There is an inbuilt Relay to run a spindle of up to 36v DC at 3 Amp. It also has 5 input circuits which can be used as limit and e-stop inputs. It also has inputs for a jog pendant and 3/4/5 axis LCD display panel.

More info on this part visit: hhttp://www.hobbycncaustralia.com.au/Tech/pJK02.htm


DC-DC Converter, 24v-48v to 5v, 3 amp

This component will convert  12v - 48v DC to a steady 5v 3 amp current. This provides a 5v power source required to run the  Breakout Board.



Stepper Motor Driver
This component receives signals from the breakout board and converts it to an electrical current and pulses to physically movement of the Stepper Motors. This driver is fitted with the latest Toshiba TB6600 chipset replacing the TB6560 standard. The driver can handle steppers from 2Amp to 5Amp and can accept a voltage range from 12v DC to 48v DC.

More info on this part visit: http://www.hobbycncaustralia.com.au/Tech/P5ampdrive.htm


D-Sub 25 (parallel) cable

Connects the PC to the Breakout board via the PC's LPT port.

NOTE: PC must have a working LPT port to run this board (can be either built in or an add-on card). All Windows 32 bit operating systems are capable of running an LPT port, 64 bit versions are not.


Stepper Motor, NEMA 23, 30kg

These motors are the largest NEMA 23 motor our manufacturer makes. They offer 417oz of holding toque. They are 2 phase 3amp with a step angle of 1.8 degrees (200 per full revolution). They are NEMA 23 compliant with a mounting face of 57mm x 57mm.  

More info on this part visit: http://www.hobbycncaustralia.com.au/Tech/pnema23S30.htm


Power Supply, switching, 36 v, 11 amp, 400 watt

The Power supply is a switching power supply accepting a 110v-250v AC current and transforms it into a steady 36v DC, 400 watt output. At 11 amps of output power it has more than enough current to run everything in your kit and then some.


Power chassis, 240 v, 10 amp

The Chassis provides fuse protection to your project and gives you a way to easily disconnect it from mains power. 


Power switch, 240 v, 10 amp

This is a 240v AC switch and will provide you with a way to turn your machine on and off instead of plugging or unplugging it.


Universal Power socket panel, 240v, 10 amp

This power panel socket will accept any plug regardless of it's country of origin and is rated to 250v AC, 10 amps. It's intended use in your kit (when wired) is to run your router. It can be used to run any peripheral device


4 Pin Panel Connector

These connectors require soldering and can be used as a tidy way to connect your stepper motor cables to your drive enclosure/electronics enclosure.


Fuse, 240v, 10 amp

The fuse fits in the power chassis and is 240v 10 amp fast blow.


Spade terminal, crimp, 6.35mm (with cover)

These terminals are used to terminate your wiring and give your project a more professional look. In addition, they will make it easy to connect and disconnect components as your project grows or changes.


Spade terminal, crimp, 4.8mm (with cover)

These terminals are used to terminate your wiring and give your project a more professional look. In addition, they will make it easy to connect and disconnect components as your project grows or changes.


Fork terminal, crimp, 6.35mm

Fork terminals are used to connect to everything that has a screw terminal, apart from making your project look professional they also help with connecting and disconnecting components


DC-DC Converter, 24v-48v to 12v, 3 amp

This device will convert  24v - 48v DC to a steady 12v 3 amp current. This will provide power to run fans, gauges, pumps and other 12v devices you may want to add.


Fan 120mm, 12v

The fan is used to bring cool air into your project and is essential for cooling some of the higher temperature items in your project. Fan has 105mm diameter and is capable of moving a high volume of air and is almost whisper quiet.


Relay, 32v – 380v AC, 25 amp

The breakout board has an inbuilt relay which is capable of running a device up to 36v DC. By coupling it with this relay, it will be able to control AC devices up to 380v and is rated to 25 amp. It will enable the brakeout board to run an AC router and provide an electronic off and on.


Rail terminal, 12 pin

Rail terminals are 12 pin wide but can be cut down to any size needed and it is the easiest way to safely join wires all throughout your kit.


DC wire set, 1000mm, 2 wire

The DC wire kit is used to wire up all the 24v dc components and consists of approx 1000mm of red and black appropriate gauge wire.


AC wire set, 1000mm, 3 wire

The AC wire kit is used to wire all AC components and consists of 1000mm of Live, Neutral and Earth wires - all rated to 240v 10 amp AC.


Twisted pair wire set, 1000mm, 8 wire

The Twisted pair wire set is used to wire the breakout board to the stepper drivers and the limit and e-stop switches back to the breakout board. It consists of 4 sets of twisted pair wires (8 in total) 1000mm long of various colours.


Additional DC wire set, 1000mm, 4 wire

The additional wire set consists of 4 lengths of 1000mm (approx) coloured wires that are appropriate gauge for DC wiring. The kit is ideal for all he additional wiring between the stepper drivers and the external connectors of your enclosure.


Circuit board standoff, 7mm brass, M3

Standoffs are required to stop the circuit boards coming in contact with the surface of your enclosure and causing a short.


M3 Nylon screw, 6mm

Are used to attach circuit boards to the standoffs and are non conductive.


Emergency stop button, NC and NO circuit

This button is used in an emergency to put your CNC machine in a state of soft stop. Everything is electronically stopped but in a state where you can pick up where you left off once the issue has been cleared at the click of a button.


Limit Switch, NC and NO circuit, roller

The function of a Limit Switch is to let you software know when it has come close to the physical limit of movement for a component. Primarily to stop your axis's from crashing into their mounts and causing damage to your components.


Please note (this will seem weird but I have to say it): If it's not in the list above please don't send me an email saying you'll
just assume other items are included, items such as spindles, FVD's, gantry components, machine plans or any other items
are not included. If it's not in the list above it won't be in the box. This is not aimed at people who ask "Can I" but those who
state "I will assume".



        Instructions for this kit are at: http://www.hobbycncaustralia.com.au/Instructions/i0InstallList.htm

Manufacturers manuals/instructions for some parts are available at: http://www.hobbycncaustralia.com.au/techinfo.htm

                Download access to software packages, including a trial version of MACH3 (functional but limited to 500 lines of G-Code), and

                    Support and advice via email and Facebook.




The kit weighs 9.5kg and will be posted (usually next day once payment has cleared) in a carton via Australia Post which has an estimated delivery time of 2-4 days. Postage includes;
1. Signature on delivery, and
2. Tracking number.
Overseas buyers must contact me first for freight quote as postage out of Australia is expensive and in most cases simply not cost effective.




Warranty is 2 weeks RTB. Regrettably this is the warranty given to me by my suppliers and the same warranty you would get if you bought them from any Chinese sellers.


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